Cost Performance Baseline

The cost performance baseline is an authorized time-phased budget used to measure, monitor, and control overall cost performance on the project. It is developed as a summation of the approved budgets by time period and is typically displayed in the form of an S-curve, as is illustrated in Figure 7-3.

Funding Requirements

Pmi Cost Baseline


Funding Requirements


The difference between the maximum funding and the end of the cost baseline is Management Reserve.

Figure 7-3. Cash Flow, Cost Baseline, and Funding Display .2 Project Funding Requirements

Total funding requirements and periodic funding requirements (e.g., annual or quarterly) arc derived from the cost baseline. Funding usually occurs in incremental amounts that arc not continuous, and, therefore, appears as a step function as shown in Figure 7-3. The total funds required arc those included in the cost baseline plus the management contingency reserve amount. Some portion of the management contingency reserve may be included incrementally in each funding step or funded when needed, depending upon the organizational policies.

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