Control Schedule

Control Schedule is the process of monitoring the status of the projects to update project progress and managing changes to the schedule. Schedule control is concerned with:

• Determining the current status of the project schedule,

• Influencing the factors that create schedule changes,

• Determining that the project schedule has changed, and

• Managing the actual changes as they occur.

Schedule control is a component of the Perform Integrated Change Control process (Section 4.5). Table 6-7. Control Schedule Overview: Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs


r Tools & Techniques 1


2. Project schedule

3. Work performance data

4. Organizational process assets v J

2. Performance measurement

3. Schedule comparison bar charts

4. Variance analysis

5. Change control system

6. Project management software

7. Resource leveling

8. What-if scenario analysis

9. Adjusting leads and lags

10-Schedule compression

11.Scheduling tool

2. Organizational process assets updates

3. Change requests

4. Project management plan updates

5. Project document updates


Figure 6-9. Control Schedule Data Flow Diagram

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