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The analysis of the communications requirements determines the information needs of the project stakeholders. These requirements are defined by combining the type and format of information needed with an analysis of the value of that information. Project resources are expended only on communicating information that contributes to success, or where a lack of communication can lead to failure.

The project manager should also consider the number of potential communication channels or paths as an indicator of the complexity of a project's communications. The total number of potential communication channels is n(n-l)/2, where n represents the number of stakeholders. Thus, a project with 10 stakeholders has 10(10-l)/2 = 45 potential communication channels. A key component of planning the project's actual communications, therefore, is to determine and limit who will communicate with whom and who will receive what information.

Information typically used to determine project communication requirements includes:

• Organization charts,

• Project organization and stakeholder responsibility relationships,

• Disciplines, departments, and specialties involved in the project,

• Logistics of how many persons will be involved with the project and at which locations,

• Internal information needs (e.g., communicating across organizations),

• External information needs (e.g., communicating with the media or contractors), and

• Stakeholder information from stakeholder register and the stakeholder management strategy.

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    What are the difference of communication requirement analysis and communication style assessment pmp?
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