Communication Technology

The methodologies used to transfer information among project stakeholders can vary significantly. For example, a project team may use techniques from brief conversations all the way through to extended meetings, or from simple written documents to material (e.g., schedules and databases) that is accessible online as methods of communication.

Communications technology factors that can affect the project include:

• Urgency of the need for information. Is project success dependent upon having frequently updated information available on a moment's notice, or would regularly issued written reports suffice?

• Availability of technology. Are appropriate systems already in place or do project needs warrant change?

• Expected project staffing. Are the proposed communications systems compatible with the experience and expertise of the project participants, or is extensive training and learning required?

• Duration of the project. Is the available technology likely to change before the project is over?

• Project environment. Does the team meet and operate on a face-to-face basis or in a virtual environment?

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