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3.5.6 Distribute Information

Distribute Information is the process of making relevant information available to project stakeholders as planned.

Table 3-29. Distribute Information: Inputs and Outputs


1. Communications management plan

2. Performance reports

3. Organizational process assets


1. Organizational process assets updates

3.5.7 Manage Stakeholder Expectations

Manage Stakeholder Expectations is the process of communicating and working with stakeholders to meet their needs and addressing issues as they occur.

Table 3-30. Manage Stakeholder Expectations: Inputs and Outputs

1. Stakeholder register

2. Stakeholder management strategy

3. Communications management plan

4. Issue log

5. Change log

6. Organizational process assets

1. Organizational process assets updates

2. Change requests

3. Projectmanagementplan updates

4. Project document updates

3.5.8 Conduct Procurements

Conduct Procurements is the process of obtaining seller responses, selecting a seller and awarding a contract. This process also includes reviewing offers, choosing from among potential sellers, and negotiating a written contract with the seller.

Table 3-31. Conduct Procurements: Inputs and Outputs

Inputs â–  Outputs

1. Procurement management plan

2. Procurement document package

3. Source selection criteria

4. Qualified seller list

5. Seller proposals

6. Project documents

7. Make or buy decisions

8. Teaming agreements

9. Organizational process assets

1. Selected sellers

2. Procurement award

3. Resource calendars

4. Change requests

5. Projectmanagementplan updates

6. Project document updates V___J

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