Additional Quality Planning Tools

Other quality planning tools are often used to help better define the situation and help plan effective quality management activities. These include, but are not limited to:

• Brainstorming (defined in Section

• Affinity diagrams, used to visually identify logical groupings based on natural relationships.

• Force field analysis, which are diagrams of the forces for and against change.

• Nominal group techniques, to allow ideas to be brainstormed in small groups; and then reviewed by a larger group.

• Matrix diagrams, which allow organization of two, three, or four groups of information relationships between factors, causes, and objectives. Data in a matrix is organized in rows and columns with intersecting cells that can be filled with information that describes the demonstrated relationship between the items located in the row and column.

• Prioritization matrices, which provide a way of ranking diverse set of problems and/or issues (usually generated through brainstorming) by their importance.

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