Acquire Project Team

Acquire Projcct Team is the process of confirming human resource availability and obtaining the team necessary to complete projcct assignments. The project management team may or may not have direct control over team member selection because of collective bargaining agreements, use of subcontractor personnel, matrix project environment, interna! or externa! reporting relationships, or other various reasons. It is important that the following factors arc considered during the proccss of acquiring the project team:

• The project manager or project management team should effectively negotiate and influence others who are in a position to provide the required human resources for the projcct,

• Failure to acquirc the ncccssary human resources for the projcct may affcct projcct schedules, budgets, customer satisfaction, quality, and risks. It couid decrease the probability of success and ultimately result in projcct cancellation.

• If the human resources arc not available due to constraints, economic factors, or previous assignments to other projects, the projcct manager or projcct team may be required to assign alternative resources, perhaps with lower competencies, provided there is no violation of iegal, regulatory, mandatory, or other specific criteria.

These factors should be considered and planned for in the planning stages of the project. The projcct manager or projcct management team will be required to rcflcct the impact of any unavailability of required human resources in the projcct schedule, project budget, project risks, project quality, training plans, and the other project management plans as required.

Table 9-3. Acquire Project Team: Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs


Tools & Techniques


2. Enterprise environmental factors

3. Organizational process assets

2. Negotiation

3. Acquisition

4. Virtual teams

^ J

2. Resource calendars

3. Project management plan updates v J

Figure 9-5. Acquire Project Team Flow Diagram

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