Communication Methods

There are several communication methods used to share information among project stakeholders. These methods can be broadly classified into:

• Interactive communication, between two or more parties performing a multidirectional exchange of information. It is the most efficient way to ensure a common understanding by all participants on specified topics, and includes meetings, phone calls, video conferencing, etc.

• Push communication, sent to specific recipients who need to know the information. This ensures that the information is distributed but does not certify that it actually reached or was understood by the intended audience. Push communication includes letters, memos, reports, emails, faxes ctc.

• Pull communication, used for very large volumes of information, or for very large audiences, that requires the recipients to access the communication content at their own discrétion. These methods includc intranet sites, c-lcarning, and knowledge repositories, etc.

The project manager dccidcs, based on communication requirements, what, how, and when communication methods are to be used in the project.

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