Work to develop earned power

Over the weeks that followed, I slowly earned Bill's trust. It was painful at first. In the process of getting him to help me, I had to prove to him what I was capable of and build up from the small things to the large. I found that when I acknowledged that he knew more than I about something, good advice came from him more easily. When I made commitments and followed through, he became more generous. I had to make good decisions, and defend my points of view with good arguments, but eventually we developed a solid working relationship. Bill granted me authority to make decisions that impacted him significantly. He just needed me to first demonstrate that I was worthy of his confidence.

Had I exercised whatever granted power I had during those early days, I would have lost any chance at earned power. Bill might have yielded to me on that first day, but because he would be responding only to my power, it would be difficult to move past that and on to more collaborative ways to work together. And if I continually relied on using power (which is what tends to happen when you start using power), it would have become less effective over time. Every time a manager or leader says "Because I say so," they are ending discussions and shutting off the potential for better opinions. Any smart or passionate people around them will not be contributing their best work and won't be happy about their limited roles.

From an organizational standpoint, autocratic behavior pushes strong thinkers away. It simultaneously encourages those comfortable with being told what to do to stick around. Tyrants create environments that only minions could tolerate, and vice versa. Worse, tyrants create other tyrants beneath them. These patterns of behavior (granted power or nothing) get passed down through organizations, eventually poisoning them.

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