Volume is not quality

It should be understood that clear thought does not require many pages. The most effective leadership documents in the world were not very long. The U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, is a mere 7,000 words (about 6 pages). The 10 Commandments are 300 words. The Magna Carta is 5,000. Good, clear thinkers are able to distill ideas down to their core and central elements, and they express them in a way that is more powerful than twice as many pages. Volume should never be confused with quality. Unfortunately, because volume is easier to produce than quality, we sometimes give in to the temptation of "If we can't be good, we might as well be long and perhaps no one will notice" (another habit of committee lead authorship). Although with this in mind, it is fair to ask why I wasn't able to make this book shorter. Mea culpa.

All of these points imply that the ownership of drafting and revising a vision should be assigned carefully. Odds are good that the best communicator in the organization is not the person with the most senior job title. The highest probability for authoring a good vision requires the project leader to know his own strengths and weakness, as well as those of the people on his staff.

Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

So what does SEO stand for and what does it do for your offline business? Search Engine Optimization is the official title and you can see why it is commonly abbreviated. If you are wondering about SEO then you either have a new website or are considering setting one up. SEO comes in to play once your site is live on the web. After all you now have to get visitors to actually see your site. In SEO terms attracting visitors is known as generating traffic and this can be achieved by using search engine optimization tactics.

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