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The vision document is a project's first source of goals. It sets the tone for what good goals look like, how many goals there should be in a plan, and how much refinement the goals may need before they are complete. A well-written goal defines a clear intention for the people on the team. Enough information is provided in the goal itself, or in supporting information for the goal, that people will know when it's been completed. They should also be able to easily separate out activities that are likely to contribute toward the goal from ones that won't. Writing good goals is difficult and highly subjective; it takes many revisions to obtain a strong, well-written goal. The fewer high-level goals, the more powerful the vision document becomes. As a rough rule of thumb, a project vision document should have somewhere between three and five high-level goals (see the upcoming catalog of good vision statements for examples).

One popular business acronym for writing good goals is SMART, which stands for Specific,

Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Timely. The idea is that if a goal has all five of these attributes, it's likely to be well defined enough to be useful (however, subjective judgment remains as to how specific or realistic a goal should be). Another technique that can help with goals is playing devil's advocate: ask how a project can still fail if its goal can be satisfied as written. Then consider if there is a way to more carefully phrase the goal, or if another bit of supplemental information should be provided to support the goal.

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