How to create and roll out processes

When you identify a problem that you think can be solved with a process, follow the same rough procedure I will outline in Chapter 11. (Even though you're not in a crisis, the basic procedure of executing a short-term plan is similar.) Clearly define the problem you're trying to solve and the small group of people best able to help solve it. Work as a small group generating alternative proposals and then pick the most promising one.

Next, identify an isolated low-risk part of the project to pilot this new process on. If possible, pick individuals who are interested in and receptive to the process change and involve them in the creation of the process. Agree on what desired effects the process change should have, and if possible, set up measurements for them. Then, have the people involved make the change. Set a date in the future to evaluate how effective the process change has been.

When this evaluation day arrives, meet again with the small group and the people involved in the pilot. Discuss what happened. If the pilot was a disaster, repeat the process and do a second small pilot. Otherwise, revise the process based on what you've learned, and roll it out to a larger group (possibly the entire team). It should be clear to everyone you ask to use the process what problems you're trying to solve and why you're convinced the proposed solution will actually help (the evidence and testimonials you have from the people involved in the pilot should help a ton).

Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

So what does SEO stand for and what does it do for your offline business? Search Engine Optimization is the official title and you can see why it is commonly abbreviated. If you are wondering about SEO then you either have a new website or are considering setting one up. SEO comes in to play once your site is live on the web. After all you now have to get visitors to actually see your site. In SEO terms attracting visitors is known as generating traffic and this can be achieved by using search engine optimization tactics.

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