C hapter Sixteen

[1] Never underestimate the value of a well-placed workspace. I learned much about what was going on above me in management from that location. It enabled me to have informal chats with all kinds of people who were looking for Chris and to innocently overhear important hallway conversations. The downside was that the big boss was right next door. Had it been a manager with control or micromanagement issues, there would be serious downsides to such a location.

[2] From the Random House College dictionary (1999)

[3] I know I'm dodging the ethical debate for what behavior is immoral, or even what kinds of projects can be said to have evil goals. However, I will say that backstabbing, lying, inventive acts of deception, generally work against a project. They take short-term gains at the expense of long term team value and trust.

[4] The challenge of pushing for organizational change is significant. Definitely read up on the subject before going to far on your own. Start with Leading Change, by John P. Kotter, Harvard Business School Press, 1996.

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