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[1] For this reason, some teams put specifications into source control, with check-in/check-out locks to support the ability for multiple people to edit the document without stomping on each other. It's usually a pain to do, but it's worth it. In similar news, having a way to indicate what's changed from version to version saves time. Nothing is more frustrating than wandering through a doc, trying to figure out what's different from the previous version. Different tools or authors who log changes in the doc itself ("3/20/2004added detail to section 6") are two common ways to go.

[2] As sardonic as this might seem, it's true. In fact, the concept of knowledge management is in part based on this notion of providing documentation of things that otherwise would disappear if an individual were to, shall we say, not make it to the next release.

[3] It's always a warning sign to me to see beautiful or extensively long specs. It implies that someone is worried more about the spec than about what goes out the door. Similarly, very long specs are often an indicator that no one actually read the thing. I suppose if I were building nuclear weapons or surgical equipment (or embedded systems for them), I'd feel differently, but most software projects don't require relentless levels of detail.

Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

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