C hapter Fourteen

[1] Karl von Clausewitz was an influential 19th century Prussian military thinker. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clausewitz.

[2] CMM, the Capacity maturity model for software development developed by the Software Engineering institute, has defined several best practices around mid-game project level management. See http://www2.umassd.edu/SWPI/sei/tr25f/tr25.html or http://www.sei.cmu.edu/cmm/.

[3] There are formalized ways to do this. Some teams have a weekly meeting where the pipeline for each programmer is briefly discussed: everyone knows the work items for the team, and for individuals, for the week. The PM is there to make sure any timing issues are integrated into the pipeline.

[4] On UI intensive projects, it was management of the coding pipeline that allowed us to iterate on the design. We'd manage the pipeline to do part of work item A, get it in the usability lab, learn a ton of great stuff, refine the design, and then do the remaining parts of A. Provided we kept the pipeline full, and didn't go over budget for dev time or milestone, designers could do low/mid level UI design work in parallel with the programming team.

Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

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