Establish the Projects Concept Organizational Alignment

Provide the context for the project within the organization. What relationship does this project have with other projects? How will this project affect strategic goals? If this project shares personnel and other resources with other projects, are there established priorities among these projects? Though as project managers we often consider our own project to be important, we need to be realistic about how it fits into the larger picture. The statement of work and business case will contain some information about the contribution this project has to the organization. Your sponsor will also be a source of information.

The organizational alignment of a project may be complex or abstract. As with the project goal, it may require time and repetition for the team to truly understand. In addition to your own explanation, you may enlist other project stakeholders to visit a project meeting to describe how the project will affect their operation. For example, information technology project teams typically benefit from spending time with the people that will be affected by their systems.

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