Working with Filtered Cases

Often, you want to work through a list of cases—checking that they are assigned to the right person, reevaluating their priorities, and so on. FogBugz makes this easy by providing Next and Previous links in the top corner of each case, which show the next or previous case in your current filter. Thus, you don't have to keep going back to the full list to see each case.

â– Caution If you change the case's position in the filter while you work through the list, you may be confused by the behavior of the Next button. For example, if your filter lists cases in order of priority, and you change a case's priority to be higher, clicking Next will take you to a case you've already seen. The easiest way to prevent this is to use a stable sort order, for example, sort by Case ID number, which won't change as you work through the list.

Another thing that makes working with a long list of cases simpler is that FogBugz carefully coordinates with your Web browser to ensure that bugs you've already seen are shown in the "visited links" color (usually purple), while bugs you haven't seen are in the "unvisited links" color (usually blue). So if you're trying to look at just the new bugs that match a filter, click each blue link in turn until they're all purple.

FogBugz will even change the URL for any bug that changes after you last looked at the details. That way, if anything changes about a bug that you've already looked at, the link to that bug will appear blue again.

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