Why Fog Bugz

Many of the software applications that overlap the functionality of FogBugz present themselves as bug-tracking systems, but there's more to FogBugz than just tracking bugs. FogBugz is a tool for tracking, updating, and managing cases. There are three kinds of cases:

• Bugs: Things that don't work right

• Features: New things being planned

• Inquiries: Questions from customers or team members

Every case is prioritized, categorized, and assigned to exactly one person on your team who must either resolve it or assign it to someone else. Developers work through their cases one by one, ideally in order of priority. That doesn't sound like much to handle, but FogBugz integrates case tracking with many other features, including the following:

• Source code control integration, which makes it easy to see which check-ins are associated with which bugs or features, and allows you to set up an elegant online code review system.

• Filters and advanced full-text search that make it easy to sort and search.

• A built-in estimation system to help you track your project and ship on schedule.

• Automatic release note generation from the cases that were resolved for a particular release.

• A customer e-mail management facility that discards spam and sorts the mail into categories based on your own training. FogBugz preserves the entire e-mail history and makes it easy to keep the customer informed of progress on a case.

• Integrated discussion groups for customers, testers, or team members. Discussion groups include anti-spam features and easy integration with case tracking.

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