Using EMail Notifications

If you want to make sure you know when someone updates a particular case, e-mail notification is the way to go. At the bottom of each case you'll find a hyperlink to subscribe to the case, as shown in Figure 4-10.

Figure 4-10. Subscribing to a case

Click this link (it will then change to read "Unsubscribe") to subscribe to the case. Now, whenever anyone makes a change to the case, FogBugz will send you e-mail to tell you about the change. Figure 4-11 shows a sample notification e-mail.

FogBugz (Case 20) ServiceMonitor - Setup Fails on Win095

[email protected]

To: Mike Gunderloy

A case was changed in FogBugz. Case ID: 20

Title: Setup Fails on Win095

Project: ServiceMonitor Area: Setup

Priority: 2 - Must Fix Release: Undecided From: Hike Gunderloy

URL: http://shoofly.larkgroup.larkfarro.cora/FogBUGZ/default.asp?

pg=pgEaitBug&commiand=view&ixBug=2 0

You are subscribed to this case. If you do not want to receive automatic notifications in the future, unsubscribe (http: //shoof ly. larkgroup. larkfariri. com/FogBUGZ/default. asp?

pre=preUnsubscr ibe£pg=pgEditBug&command=view&i>:Bug=20) case.

from this

Figure 4-11. Notification e-mail from FogBugz

The e-mail contains the essential information to help you remember the case—but it doesn't show the actual change that caused the e-mail to be sent. If you need that level of detail, you need to click the hyperlink to open the case in your browser.

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