User Options

The Options screen (available from the Options link in the main toolbar) lets you configure your personal options in FogBugz. Anyone who is logged on as an administrator can change the options for any user; everyone else can only change their own options. You can configure the following:

• Full Name: Your full name as it appears in FogBugz.

• Email Address: The e-mail address that FogBugz will use to contact you. If you wish to receive multiple copies of each notification e-mail at different addresses, separate the addresses by commas.

• Phone Number This will be displayed so that other users can contact you to ask questions without waiting for e-mail.

• Escalation Report: Check this box to receive a copy of the morning escalation report each day.

• Snippet Activation Key: The keystroke that you can use to insert a snippet into edit fields.

• Display: The information to be displayed in lists of cases. You can also use the Options screen to change your password.

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