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Of course, FogBugz e-mails Paige to tell her the bug is on her plate now. Paige doesn't see how this bug can be happening either, but she dutifully sets up Service Monitor on one of the lab machines and tells it to monitor for W32Time events. She deliberately assigns a bogus time server to the machine so that events will end up in the event log. Sure enough, she gets the notification e-mails just as she should. Paige has other things to do, and this one really looks like pilot error to her, so she clicks the Resolve button. She chooses "Resolved (Not Reproducible)" as the status and saves her changes.

But remember, resolving a bug doesn't get rid of it. Instead, it goes back to Robert, who was the one who entered the case into the system in the first place. Robert feels strongly about protecting his customers, and he's not going to take "not reproducible" as a resolution without a fight. He thinks about some of the issues they saw when alpha testing, looks at the customer's e-mail address, and comes to his own conclusion about the possible cause of the bug. So he reactivates the bug, adds a comment, and shoots it back over to Paige.

This time Paige grumbles a bit about the added effort to set up a good repro case (after all, she has new features to implement, not just bugs to fix!), but she gets to work. A few minutes later she has a test Hotmail account of her own, and a few minutes after that, she verifies that she can reproduce the problem. This puts her 90% of the way to fixing it. She changes the format of the message so that it looks less "spammy" and marks the bug as "Resolved (Fixed)." This bounces it back to Robert again.

Robert uses the private e-mail feature of the discussion group to send a message to the original poster, asking him to check his Hotmail spam folder for the missing messages. Sure enough, there they are, and Robert logs back into FogBugz to close the case. Figure 1-3 shows the final state of the closed case. As you can see, it preserves the entire history and lets you see just what happened, beginning with the original report.

3 FogBUGZ 14: Problem with Service Monitor beta - Microsoft Internet Explorer


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