Tip If youre the manager for a product you should keep your specs up to date by incorporating any feature requests that are entered directly into Fog Bugz

Justifying new features is particularly important. For many organizations, software development is a zero-sum game: with an announced release date, adding a new feature means throwing some other feature out (or reducing the product quality, which is usually a bad idea). You should be prepared to argue why your particular feature is essential. Does it take care of some unforeseen scenario where the application crashes or destroys data? Does it bring the product to feature parity with an important competitor? Is it something that will leapfrog all the competition and make the program sell like hotcakes?

Finally, make it clear who wants this feature. All other things being equal, a feature request from Joe Tester is less likely to meet the approval of management for this version than a feature request relayed from Mr. Megabux, your largest customer.

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