Tip If you want to track a particular bug you should use Fog Bugzs email subscription feature discussed in Chapter

Some guidelines for writing good case titles:

• Keep them short. About 80 characters is all that you can depend on people seeing on low-resolution screens.

• Make the title descriptive of the case. In some cases (such as the one shown in Figure 2-8) the title can be so clear that the case doesn't need any further description.

• Titles for bugs should state a problem: "CD-ROM fails to function after installing software."

• Titles for features should specify what to implement: "Add popup Unicode conversion table."

• Avoid any language that you wouldn't use in face-to-face conversation with stakeholders in the project. "This software is lousy junk" may reflect your feelings when you hit a bug that causes loss of data, but it's not a good bug title.

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