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You can also add additional conditions by clicking the name of the filter. This will display a menu that includes all of the possible filtering conditions. Click one of the plus signs to see the choices in that condition, and then click a choice to add it to the filter. Figure 2-21 shows this menu.

All open Sen/iceMcinitor cases:

n Open or closed □ Category bugs features n Opened By User n Assigned To User a Project n Opened Time n Resolved Time n Closed Time a Due n Correspondent n Priority a Special

Figure 2-21. Adding a condition to a filter

You can set up filter conditions for just about anything about a case. The available filtering choices include the following:

Open or closed cases

Cases without estimates

Cases to which you are subscribed

Cases in a specific category

Cases from a specific project

Cases from a specific area

Cases opened by a specific person

Cases assigned to a specific person

Cases with a particular status ("Active," "Resolved (Duplicate)," and so on) Cases with a specific Fix For value

Cases with a specific priority, with a priority at least equal to a specific priority, or with a priority at most equal to a specific priority

• Cases opened in a particular time period

• Cases resolved in a particular time period

• Cases closed in a particular time period

• Cases due in a particular time period

• Cases e-mailed from or to a particular correspondent (or, since you can use partial matching here, from a specific domain)

• Cases with a specific version

• Cases with a specific computer

You can also choose to sort the filter on up to three fields and set a limit on the number of cases that the filter can return.

Clicking Customize at the bottom of the conditions list or selecting Customize from the Filters menu at the top of the screen will take you to the filter customization screen. This screen, shown in Figure 2-22, lets you make changes to the current filter by selecting from drop-down lists.

To apply changes from the filter customization screen and return to the list of bugs, click OK at the bottom of the screen. You can also use this screen to save the changes under a new name by supplying a name in the Save As box before you click OK. The newly saved filter will now show up in your Filters menu list and on your home page.

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Current Filter


W Open Cases V Closed Cases


r Show only

cases without estimates


r Show only

cases to which 1 am subscribed


|- All -


| ServiceMonitor


| ~ All areas ~

Open by:

|~ Anybody ~

Assigned To:

|~ Anybody ~


|- All -

Fix For:

|- All -




| ~ Any time ~


| ~ Any time ~


| ~ Any time ~


| ~ Any time ~



Full or partial email address of the email correspondent


Sort By:

Full or partial email address of the email correspondent

Enter the version where you observed this case.

Describe the computer and software environment where this case occurs.



Fix For



First |0


Type 0 to list them all


To save this filter, just give it a name. Saved filters show up right in the menu bar.

To save this filter, just give it a name. Saved filters show up right in the menu bar.

Figure 2-22. Customizing a filter

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