Tip Each user will have to recheck out the source tree they are working on so that the Cvs Bugzid line is added to the template for log notes Otherwise everything will still work but they will have to remember to add Bugzid manually each time they commit

Now it's time to set up the other end of the equation, letting FogBugz retrieve information from CVS:

1. Download and install the CVSweb project from http://www.freebsd.org/projects/ cvsweb.html to implement a Web interface to your CVS repository.

2. Log in to FogBugz as an administrator. Click the Site hyperlink on the Administrative Tools bar. Scroll down to find the Source Code Control URL settings shown in Figure 6-1.

ä FogBugz - Microsoft Internet Explorer


File Edit View Favorites Tools Help

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Address http : //shooP ly. larkqroup. larkP arm. com/FoqBUGZ/dePault. asp?pq=pq5iteConP iqure

Source Control URL for logs:

Source Control URL for diffs:

| de fault.asp?pg=pgInvalidSourceControl For integration with your source code control system, enter the URL that shows a file's log, ^FILE will be replaced with the file name. Examples:

WebSVN: http://.. ./subversion/Piledetails.php?

rep=0&path=AFILE&rev=0&sc= 1

VSS: http: //your. Pogbugz. server/default. asp?


Vault: http://.. ./VaultService/VaultWeb/VaultHistory.aspx?


Perforce: http://.. ./perf browse. [email protected]+AFILE

|| de f ault. asp ? p g=p glnval i dS our c e C ont r o 1 For integration with your source code control system, enter the URL that shows the differences between two versions oP a Pile.

AFILE will be replaced with the Pile name.

will be replaced with the old version number. AR2 will be replaced with the new version number. Examples:

CVSweb: http://.. ./cvsweb/cvsweb.cgi^FILE? rl=ARl&r2=AR2

rep=0&path=AFILE&rev=AR2&sc= 1

VSS: http: //your. Pogbugz. server/dePault. asp?

pg=pgShowVSSFileDiPP8fFILE=AFILE8fR 1 =AR 1 &R2=^R2

Vault: http://.. ./VaultService/VaultWeb/VaultDiPP.aspx?

File=AFILE&Ob ject=AR1 &Version=AR2

Perforce: http://.. ./[email protected]+AFILE+AR2

Figure 6-1. Setting up source code control URLs in FogBugz

3. Follow the instructions on screen to set up the proper URLs for calling CVSweb.

4. Click OK to save your settings.

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