The Power of Fog Bugz Administrators

Any FogBugz user can be made into an administrator. You can have as many administrators as you want (up to your total number of licensed users plus one). You've already seen some of the things that only administrators can do. Here are the abilities that are reserved for administrators:

• Configure and add users, and change their passwords (though users can also change their own passwords).

• Customize the working schedule.

• Configure all aspects of the FogBugz installation.

• Install new licenses purchased from Fog Creek.

Also, all administrators receive a copy of the e-mail that is sent when users choose the Email your FogBugz Administrators option on the Help menu. It's easy to tell when you're logged on as an administrator: you'll see the Administrative Tools bar at the top of the screen along with the regular set of tools for all users.

■Note FogBugz doesn't support creating groups of users, but you can get some of the benefits of groups by working with clients, departments, and permissions, as you'll learn later in this chapter.

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