Setting Up Priorities

Every case in the system is given a priority from 1 to 7, where 1 is the highest priority and 7 is the lowest. Developers and testers can (and should!) use these priorities to help them focus on the things that are most important to fix. Of course, you can't set a firm rule that you need to always work in priority order (for example, a priority 3 bug that needs to be fixed by beta 1 probably needs attention before a priority 1 bug that needs to be fixed by the final release, especially if beta 1 is scheduled to ship tomorrow), but priorities act as a good starting point for ordering your work.

FogBugz doesn't let you change the number of priority levels, but you can rename the text labels given to priority 1 through 7 to suit your preferences. To do so, log on as an administrator and click the Priority link in the Administrative Tools bar. Figure 3-15 shows the default labels for the seven priorities.

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User: Administrator

Administrative Tools:


You can edit the text associated with each priority entry.

Priority Number

Priority Label

1 (Must Fix


|Must Fix


|Must Fix


|Fix If Time


|Fix If Time


|Fix If Time


|Don1t Fix

OK Cancel

Figure 3-15. Modifying the labels for priorities

To change the priority labels, type in your new text and then click OK. As you can see, the default scheme uses the same label for several different priorities. If your users find this confusing ("Why are some Must Fix items more important than others?"), you might like to move to a scheme such as this where each priority has a distinctive label:

1. Drop everything and fix.

2. A customer is waiting for this.

3. Very important.

4. Important.

5. Less important—fix before playing Minesweeper.

6. Probably won't fix but worth remembering.

7. Not worth wasting time on.

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