Selecting a Filter

When you log on to FogBugz, the right side of your home page shows a list of saved filters under the "Show Me" title, as shown in Figure 2-18. By default, this list will only include Inbox (a filter that shows inquiries in the Inbox that are waiting to be processed) and My Cases (a filter that shows all open cases assigned to the current user). The user in Figure 2-18 also has several custom filters on her list.

You are Logged on as Valerie Shriver (Log Off)


Inbox My Cases

All open SM cases All SM cases

Manage Filters

Figure 2-18. A list of filters

Clicking a filter opens a list of cases that match that filter. For example, Figure 2-19 shows the cases that match the All open SM cases filter from Figure 2-18.

Figure 2-19. Cases that match a particular filter

You can also select a saved filter from the Filters menu at the top of the screen at any time to see the cases that match that filter. You don't need to return to the home page to select a new filter.

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