Searching for Cases

FogBugz also lets you find cases by searching for them—at least, if you can come up with a good search term. There's a search box at the upper left of every page in FogBugz. Type in a search term and click the Search button to search cases. By default, FogBugz searches the full text of every open case for the exact phrase that you typed. You can also open a separate search page by clicking the Search button without typing any text in the box. This page lets you limit your search to title text or include closed cases in the search.

Tip To quickly jump to a case, type the case number in the search box and hit Enter.

FogBugz uses a reasonably sophisticated full-text searching algorithm:

• To search for an exact phrase, enter the phrase ("rotary engine").

• To search for cases containing two words, but not necessarily an exact phrase, use AND ("screen AND repaint").

• To search for cases containing one or both of two words, use OR ("crash OR failure").

• To search for two words in close proximity, use NEAR ("string NEAR regedit").

• To search for words starting with a set of characters, use * as a wild card ("Subscri*").

Filtering done by the search process is temporary. If you click the List menu item, you'll go right back to looking at cases that match your current (pre-search) filter.

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