Running Setup on Windows

Setting up FogBugz on a Windows server is as easy as double-clicking the FogBugz setup file and following the instructions on screen. FogBugz 4.0 setup uses a wizard interface to walk you through the setup one step at a time. At any point before you click Finish, you can cancel, and setup will roll back any changes you have already made.

FogBugz setup is designed to be as safe as possible. If anything goes wrong during the main phase (in which you see a progress indicator), after the error message is displayed, FogBugz setup gives up and rolls backwards. There are command-line arguments to the setup EXE program that can be used to ignore errors and continue anyway. To use these options, you need to launch setup from a command window, instead of by double-clicking the file:

• /ignoreiiserror will allow setup to continue even if it can't set up a virtual directory in IIS. You will need to create a virtual directory manually and map it to the FogBugz website directory.

• /ignorepermissionserror will allow setup to continue even if it can't set permissions for the FogBugz account (that you specify during setup) to access the FogBugz directory. You will need to grant full permission for the FogBugz account to access the FogBugz directory manually.

• /sqlserveronly will tell setup to install only the SQL Server components. This is useful if your SQL Server machine is a different machine from your IIS machine and they are not on the same domain.

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