Finally, the free-form notes field serves as a scratchpad and history area for the case. As different people work with the case, FogBugz makes notes of actions such as resolving the case, reactivating it, or closing it. Figure 2-10 shows what the notes might look like in a case that's bounced around a bit.

When you're deciding how much detail to add in notes for a case, remember that these notes are part of your institutional memory. If the question "Why did we do it that way?" comes up, it's nice to be able to look back and see the debate as it happened. It's especially important to record the details if you're responsible for a decision that might be controversial in the future. For example, if you resolve a bug report as "Won't Fix," be sure to explain your reasoning in the notes. This will help keep the original reporter from just reopening the bug on the theory that you didn't understand it.

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