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E-Mail Management

FogBugz also helps you manage incoming product-related e-mail from your customers. This isn't a substitute for your existing e-mail server, but a way to handle e-mail sent to specific addresses. For example, you might use [email protected] as a general customer service e-mail address, and [email protected] as an address to accept bug reports on your Service Monitor application.

You can set up FogBugz to monitor any number of POP3 mailboxes for incoming mail. When mail arrives, FogBugz applies a series of steps to sort it appropriately. First, spam is automatically discarded. For other messages, you have a choice of manual sorting or autosorting. If you choose to manually sort messages, FogBugz will create a new case in the project of your choice for each incoming message. Autosort is much more sophisticated. You can create a set of categories, and autosort will learn by example which messages belong in which category. With autosort, you start by moving messages manually, but FogBugz soon takes over the job, creating new cases in categories just as you would have done yourself.

Customers who send e-mail to a properly configured FogBugz POP3 address will get an automatic reply return, with a URL where they can check the progress of their case in the system. Any member of the development team can respond to e-mail messages and see the whole history of communications with the user when doing so. The system can automatically assign a due date to make sure that customers get replies in a timely fashion. To make it easier to generate those replies, you can also create predefined text snippets that can be inserted into a return e-mail with just a few keystrokes.

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