Note If you are using MySQL for your Fog Bugz database you cannot have an underscore in the file path since it will be replaced by MySQL with a dash and you cannot use a backslash since MySQL will interpret that as an escape character The solution is to us

4. Set the vss_fbupdate.wsf file to run as a scheduled task every so often (maybe hourly or even more often if you like). The task will complete very quickly, so do not worry about this script running too often. Make sure this task runs as a user that has privileges to rename and delete files in the VSS directories (usually not the FogBugz user, but instead an admin on the machine). Use the //B option to wscript so the script does NOT run in interactive mode. For example, you might use this command (entered as a single line at the command prompt):

c:\winnt\system32\wscript.exe //B \progra~1\fogbugz\accessories\vss_fbupdate.wsf

Setting up integration from the FogBugz side is simple, because FogBugz includes special code to deal with Visual SourceSafe repositories:

1. Log in to FogBugz as an administrator. Click the Site hyperlink on the Administrative Tools bar. Scroll down to find the Source Code Control URL settings.

2. Follow the instructions on screen to set up the proper URLs for calling Visual SourceSafe.

3. Click OK to save your settings.

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