Note For more detail on writing good functional specifications see Joel Spolskys book Joel on Software Apress

But although the spec is important, it doesn't quite get you all the way to working code. Someone has to take all of those features in the spec and assign them to individual developers to implement. Now, you (assuming you're the program manager) could do that with e-mail or notes on a whiteboard or orders shouted down the hall, but with FogBugz installed, you've got a better solution: enter them as feature requests in FogBugz. You can cut and paste the appropriate part of the spec into the feature request, and include a hyperlink to the lull spec on your network (you do have the spec stored on a server where everyone can read it, right?).

An added benefit of using FogBugz to assign features is that it will help you schedule the entire project. If your developers use the estimating features of FogBugz, you can look at the total amount of work left to be done, and adjust your schedule (or your feature set) as necessary.

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