Note Fog Bugz implements a modified version of the Bayesian filtering algorithm proposed by Paul Graham in the articles A Plan for Spam and Better Bayesian Filtering both available at httpwwwpaulgrahamcom with modifications and improvements designed by

When you first configure a mailbox and turn on FogBugz AutoSort, FogBugz sets up a project named Inbox with three areas: Spam, Not Spam, and Undecided. At first, FogBugz AutoSort has no clues at all about what messages are spam and what messages are not spam. All incoming messages are put straight into the Undecided area. FogBugz automatically sets up an Inbox filter, so to get to the Inbox you can just click the link on your FogBugz home page. Figure 5-11 shows what the Inbox might look like after a few messages arrive.

FogBugz creates the Inbox project with three predefined areas: NotSpam (for messages that it is sure aren't spam), Spam (for messages that it is sure are spam), and Undecided (for everything else). One of the neat things about FogBugz AutoSort is that it's not limited to these three categories. You can create up to 14 custom areas to go along with these three. For example, if you use the same e-mail alias for job applications and tech support, you might create areas called Job Applications and Tech Support.

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