Note Figure shows a public discussion group as seen by a nonFog Bugz user If youre logged in to Fog Bugz when you visit a discussion group youll see the same content but it will be wrapped with the normal Fog Bugz menus

You can perform a number of actions from this home page:

• See the content in an existing topic by clicking the topic name.

• Create a new topic by clicking the New Topic link.

• See topics that have scrolled off the home page by clicking the Older Topics link.

• Search for content anywhere in the discussion group by entering text in the search box and clicking OK.

• Subscribe to an RSS feed for the entire discussion group from the RSS icon.

When you click the link to create a new topic, FogBugz will display the screen shown in Figure 5-19.

Figure 5-19. Creating a new discussion topic

To create a new discussion topic, you need to supply a subject and a message that will be used to kick off the discussion. You also need to fill in your own name and (optionally) an e-mail address and Web site where you can be contacted.

■Tip FogBugz never reveals users' e-mail addresses on the Web site, so they can't be harvested by spam-bots. Instead, it turns addresses into a hyperlink that other users can click to enter messages. FogBugz then forwards those messages to the user, and it's up to the recipient to decide whether to respond. FogBugz will not forward more than five personal e-mails from each sender per day, to make spam scripts impossible.

The new topic will be created as soon as you click OK, and you'll be able to see the message that you entered immediately. Figure 5-20 shows the start of a new discussion topic. The little envelope is the hyperlink to send e-mail to this user.

Figure 5-20. A new topic, ready for discussion
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