Not Reproducible

Testers are not infallible, and sometimes you'll get bugs that you simply can't reproduce on your system. Resolve such bugs as not reproducible. Good testers will treat this resolution as a request for more information rather than as an insult, and you may well get the same bug back with additional explanation that makes it possible for you to reproduce the bug. When you're thinking of resolving a bug as not reproducible, try to figure out how the tester could have seen such a thing happen. Is it something that you fixed in a more recent build? Is it an artifact of a particular data file that you don't have? "It works on my machine" is a very unsatisfying explanation for resolving a bug as not reproducible, because, as every tester knows, you're not going to ship your machine to the customer. Leaping to the conclusion that a bug is not reproducible may get it off your desk briefly, but it may also get you dragged down to the test lab to see the bug actually happen.

Resolving a bug as not reproducible is also a common shorthand by developers to say that the tester's bug report is missing repro steps. If a bug is returned to you as not reproducible, that does not mean that the bug is fixed or gone, it just means that the developer didn't have enough information to reproduce it. Don't be timid and say, "Oh, must be fixed then," and close the bug without further investigation.

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