Perforce, 147

setting up integration, 1SC-1S1 permissions assigning, 69 setting up, 67 Postponed status resolving cases, 98 priorities, setting up, 71-72 Progress event

BugzScoutCtl interface, 17S Project drop-down list, 29 project management, 1 Project property

BugReport interface, 177 BugzScoutCtl interface, 17S projects, setting up, S7

Query Wizard creating Excel chart, 106 Quit option, Macintosh Screenshot tool, 38

Really Simple Syndication. See RSS Red Hat, setting up FogBugz on, 166 release notes, creating, 100-103 releases, setting up, 61 Report Wizard creating Access report, 105 Responded status resolving cases, 99 RSS (Really Simple Syndication) managing feeds, 94-96

ScoutSubmit cases entering from, 23 Screenshot tool introduction, 34-35

Mac and Widows options, 35-37 Site Options screen configuring to make passwords required, 71 snippets, 119-122 sorting messages, 122 source code control systems choosing system, 147 connecting, 147

integration for reviews, 145-146

setting up CVS integration, 148

setting up Perforce integration, 150-151

setting up Subversion integration, 152

setting up Vault integration, 152-153

setting up Visual SourceSafe integration, 153-155

SPAM status resolving cases, 100

Submit method

BugReport interface, 177 SubmitBug method

BugzScoutCtl interface, 173 Subversion, 147

setting up integration, 152 Success event

BugzScoutCtl interface, 173 SuSE Linux setting up FogBugz on, 166

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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