Moving a Bug Through the System

During the beta period for Service Monitor, Robert Evers (who is the company's customer service rep) logs on to FogBugz and, as part of his daily duties, reviews the new postings to the Service Monitor discussion group. He finds the new thread shown in Figure 1-2 (fortunately, there are lots of other threads from happy customers, so the beta isn't a complete disaster).

-'^j Service Monitor - Problem with Service Monitor beta - Microsoft Internet Explorer



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Figure 1-2. AFogBugz discussion thread

MegaUtilities has the sensible policy of never ignoring customer complaints, no matter how outlandish or ungrammatical they are. Even though another customer has already replied to the first poster, Robert uses the New Case hyperlink (which only appears because he's logged in as a user on the server) to create a new FogBugz case to track this particular bug. FogBugz automatically grabs the title and description from the discussion group posting, so all Robert has to do is fill in other information and click OK to create the case.

■Tip This example shows in a small way one of the benefits of discussion groups: other customers will do some of your support for you. The more effort you expend in building a broad base of users on your discussion groups, the more chance there is that frequent posters will emerge and answer questions before your own paid staff can even read them.

Robert chooses the Service Monitor project, and FogBugz automatically assigns the bug to the project lead. Because this particular bug is a direct failure of the core functionality of the product, he marks it as a priority 1 bug for the 1.0 release version of the product. Robert then returns to the discussion group thread, clicks the Reply To This Topic button, and types a reply to let the original poster know that his problem is being looked at.

Meanwhile, FogBugz itself has not been idle. As soon as the new case gets created and assigned to the project lead, Valerie Shriver, FogBugz sends her e-mail to tell her that there's something new on her plate. Because Valerie is a Type A personality who always keeps her e-mail running, she gets this notification in short order. Clicking the link in the e-mail takes her directly to the case. Although she doubts that even a beta could get out the door if it wasn't working at all (and she knows that it's happily monitoring events in the company lab in any case), Valerie also knows that she can't just ignore a prospective customer. Fortunately, she has development staff to take care of these things for her. So she clicks the Assign button, assigns the bug to Paige Nagel, and adds a comment guessing at the cause of the bug.

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