Modifying Filters

Filters are made to be easy to change. Suppose you're looking at the open cases for a particular project, and you can't find the case that you're looking for. Perhaps someone has closed it. At the top of the list of cases, you'll see information about the current filter. First comes the name of the filter ("All open SM cases" in Figure 2-19). Next comes a series of conditions showing the parts that make up this filter. Click any of the underlined words to pop up a menu that lets you modify the current filter, as shown in Figure 2-20.

All lopeii cases in Sen/iceMonitor







Figure 2-20. Modifying a filter

Figure 2-20. Modifying a filter

For example, clicking Open gives you a menu that lets you choose open cases, closed cases, or all cases. To switch from looking at open cases to looking at closed cases, just click Closed in the menu. FogBugz will change the filter and refresh the screen to show you the cases that meet the new filter.

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