Managing Projects with Fog Bugz

C ommunication is the lifeblood of a software project. Whether you're building an application for commercial sale or developing it for internal corporate use, there's no way that a software project can be successful without customer feedback. Communication within the team that's building the application is equally important. Developers, testers, and managers all need to coordinate their activities with each other to make sure the product gets out the door on time and with the right features.

Software teams manage this communication with a variety of tools and technologies: whiteboards, e-mails, phone calls, sticky notes, hallway meetings, formal review sessions, and more. But there's a danger to using too many tools to manage a software project: the more places you have to store information and the more ways you have to pass it around, the easier it is for important messages to fall through the cracks. In this book, I'll show you how to use one tool—Fog Creek Software's FogBugz 4.0—to collect and manage all of the communication between users, managers, developers, and testers. With FogBugz in place, you'll spend less time hunting for information and trying to remember who was doing what, and have more time to finish the product on time and within budget.

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