Making the Connection

You can set up source code integration between FogBugz and your source code control system in two steps. First, install a "trigger" script in your source control system to notify FogBugz whenever a check-in occurs that is related to a particular bug. The easiest way to notify FogBugz is to use an HTTP library to GET a URL of the following form, where bugID is the bug ID number, file is the file that is being checked in, x is the old revision number, and y is the new revision number:


Alternatively, you can notify FogBugz by inserting records directly into the database table that it monitors for source code control communications. The table is named CVS, and it includes these columns:

• sFile, the 255-character-string name of the file

• sPrev, the 255-character-string old revision number

• sNew, the 255-character-string new revision number

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