Linking Cases

Sometimes you want to indicate that two cases are related. For example:

• You might determine that a case is a duplicate of an existing case.

• A bug might be a regression of a feature that was previously implemented.

• A case might incorporate incidental suggestions from another case.

FogBugz offers two ways to link cases. First, you can create a link between cases just by typing the word "case" or the word "bug" followed by a case number. For example, Figure 2-16 shows a bug entered as a follow-up to another bug. Note that the words "Case 19" have been automatically hyperlinked by FogBugz.

Figure 2-16. Linking a case to another case

Any time FogBugz creates a link, it makes the link bidirectional. When you open the linked case, you'll see that it lists a related case in its fields, as shown in Figure 2-17.

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