Entering Cases via Scout Submit

Your FogBugz installation contains a file named ScoutSubmit.asp (or ScoutSubmit.php if you're using the Mac or Unix version). This file exists to take cases via a standard HTTP POST mechanism. If you make ScoutSubmit.asp visible to the public, then anyone who can create a properly formatted request can enter a bug. The ScoutSample.zip folder in your FogBugz installation demonstrates two possible approaches to allowing case entry via ScoutSubmit.

Figure 2-5 shows ScoutSample.html, which accepts results in an HTML form and packages them up for sending to ScoutSubmit.

I] Test FogBUGZ BugzScout - Microsoft Internet Explorer


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Address C:\Documents and 5ettings\Administrator\Local 5ettings\Temp\Temporary Directory 2 for 5cout5ample.zip\5coi. ▼ | S Go Links

For more info on BugzScout, and automatically collecting bugs from the field, see your FogBUGZ help file, or check out this article on our site.

Remember to edit the action attribute of the form element to point to your FogBUGZ Server. Also note, that if you hit submit, and the bug is assigned to you, you will not be notified via email. (FogBUGZ does not do self-notifications, since presumably, you know what you just did).




¡Robert Evers |ServiceMonitor I Setup

|Setup Fails on Win095


If the description field matches exactly to any other bug, this submission will be APPENDED to that bu^s history, and a new bug will NOT be created. The occurrences field for this bug will increase by 1.

Extra Info: ^ny Windows 95 test box

Customers Email: |[email protected]

1 to force FogBUGZ to create a new bug for this entry, 0 to append to bug with matching description

Default Message: [Thankyou for your input]

Friendly re sp ons e: |l 1 to response in HTMD, 0 as XMD

Submit Query |

My Computer

Figure 2-5. Entering a case via ScoutSample.html

Of course, ScoutSample.html exists only to show you the parameters that you can submit in the HTTP POST. You ought to customize this page for your own uses. When you do so, you'll probably want to use hidden fields for some of the data, such as the default message to return to the submitter and the FogBugz username.

The corresponding case for Figure 2-5 is shown in Figure 2-6. Note that there are several special features to a case submitted this way:

FogBUGZ 20: Setup Fails on Win095 - Microsoft Internet Explorer


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Address http : //shooPly. larkgroup. larkf arm. com/FogBUGZ/def ault. asp?pg=pgEditBug&command=view&ixBug=20&ixBugEventLatest=63 Q Go Links


User: Administrator

Administrative Tools:


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Case 20: Setup Fails on Win095

ServiceMonitor - Setup

Case 20: Setup Fails on Win095

ServiceMonitor - Setup

Reply Forward Resolve

Status: Active

Assigned To: Valerie Shriver

Category: 0 Bug

Fix For: Undecided

Priority: 1-Must Fix

Scout Msg:

Scout Will: Continue Reporting

Correspondent; [email protected]



Opened bv Robert Evers 7/12/2005 10:14 AM

Setup Fails on Win095

Unable to launch setup program on my Windows 95 test box

[email protected] com

Assiqned to Valerie Shriver by Robert Evers 7/12/2005 10:14 AM

Reply Forward Resolve

Subscribe to receive email when this case changes.

Subscribe to receive email when this case changes.

¿H^j http : //shoof ly. larkgroup. larkf arm. com/FogBUGZ/def ault. asp

Figure 2-6. A case entered via ScoutSubmit

The Reply button sends a message to the e-mail address that was supplied via ScoutSubmit.

The Scout Msg field lets you enter a message to be sent back to anyone else who reports the same bug. You could use this to send workaround instructions or a suggestion to upgrade to a later build.

The Scout Will field lets you choose whether to accept future duplicates of the same bug. If you leave this set to Continue Reporting, new reports with the same title will be appended to the original case. If you change it to Stop Reports, additional reports will be discarded.

The other tool FogBugz includes to work with ScoutSubmit is BugzScout, an ActiveX control designed to construct the proper HTTP request. You can use this control in any application that can host ActiveX, which is a pretty broad range. This lets you add automated or manual case entry directly to your applications. For instance, you could implement Add a Bug as a menu item in your next beta build. The FogBugz installation includes C++ and C# examples of using BugzScout.

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