Discussion Group Management

E-mail is good for one-on-one communication, but there are times when a conversation benefits from wider input. For example, you might have a group of developers and testers who want to discuss how a particular feature should work, or a group of customers with feedback and suggestions for future versions of the application. To handle this sort of many-to-many communication, FogBugz includes support for online discussion groups.

FogBugz discussion groups are simple. You can set up any number of groups on your server and give them each a distinct name. Each group contains threads, and each thread contains messages. Messages are presented as a chronologically ordered list, without any branching; this makes it easy to catch up with any conversation by starting wherever you left off.

The discussion group implementation includes anti-spam technology to prevent junk from cluttering up the real discussion, and moderation to help weed out disruptive messages or unruly users. You can customize the appearance of a discussion group so that it fits in with your corporate Web site. A single button click will turn a discussion group message into a case, so that problems and suggestions reported via discussion group don't get lost.

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