Customizing Discussion Group Appearance

FogBugz allows you to customize virtually every aspect of the visual appearance of the discussion groups so as to match your corporate Web site exactly. However, this customization requires some skill with HTML and CSS. To get started, click the Customize the Appearance link on the screen that lists all of the discussion groups. This will take you to a new screen where you can enter these options:

• Top of the Page: HTML that will be inserted before the discussion group content.

• Bottom of the Page: HTML that will be inserted after the discussion group content. This is where the default FogBugz advertisement is located, which you can remove if you like.

• Customize Styles: CSS to be added to discussion pages, which lets you change the style of any page element.

• Left Sidebar Width: The width (in pixels) of the left sidebar. This defaults to 125.

• Main Body Width: The width (in pixels) of the body of the discussion group. The default value is 600.

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