Creating Users

Any FogBugz administrator can create a new user by selecting the Users item on the Administrative Tools bar. This opens the current user list, as shown in Figure 3-1.

Figure 3-1. Viewing the current list of users

Click the Add New Person link at the bottom of this screen to add a new user. This opens up a blank form that you can fill in to create the new user account. You need to provide ten pieces of information to create a new user:

• The full name of the user. This is the name that FogBugz will display throughout the application.

• The e-mail address for the user. If the user has more than one e-mail address, and they want all FogBugz e-mail sent to all of their addresses, enter them separated by commas.

• The user's phone number. This is displayed on the user list in case someone needs to contact the user outside of the system for more information.

• Whether this user should receive e-mail notifications. You should almost always leave e-mail notifications turned on. If you turn them off, the user won't be notified when they're assigned a case in the system.

• Whether this user should receive escalation reports. Escalation reports, sent once a day by FogBugz, list all of the cases that are past due or due that day. You'll learn more about escalation reports in Chapter 4.

• Whether this user is an administrator. I'll discuss administrators further in the next section of this chapter.

• Whether this particular user is active. Your license count limits the number of active users you have, but you can also have any number of inactive users who can't log on. You'll almost always want new users to be active when you first create them, unless you're preparing for new licenses that you haven't purchased yet.

• The snippet activation key for the user. FogBugz supports inserting snippets of saved text by typing the name of the snippet and pressing this key. You'll learn more about snippets in Chapter 5.

• The columns to display on this user's list of cases. You learned about selecting columns in Chapter 2.

When you've filled in all of the required information, click OK to create the new user. Assuming that you're not trying to exceed your license count, FogBugz will create the user immediately. If you do happen to exceed your license count, FogBugz will append a warning to the user list, as shown in Figure 3-2.

You have too many users and not enough licenses. Please deactivate some users or add licenses. You can purchase more licenses online from [Fog Creek Software].

Figure 3-2. Warning from exceeding the license count

If you don't have more licenses to install, you'll need to make some users inactive. To do so, click a user name in the user list or click the edit icon next to the user name. Either way, you'll end up at the options page for that user. Set the status for the user to inactive and click OK.

■Note FogBugz doesn't let you delete users because that would potentially leave a hole in the history of existing cases.

The options page also lets administrators edit the information for any user. A user who is not an administrator can use the Options link in the FogBugz menu to edit some of their own information:

• E-mail notifications

• Escalation reports

• Snippet activation key

• Display columns

Users who are not administrators can't edit the information for other users. In fact, if you're not an administrator, you can't even view the list of users. You can, however, get information on any particular user who has worked with a case that you're interested in. Just click the user's name anywhere in the case to get that user's information, as shown in Figure 3-3.

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Figure 3-3. Public information on a user

Figure 3-3. Public information on a user

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