Checking System Requirements for a Macintosh Server

FogBugz for Macintosh runs on PowerPC Apple Macintosh computers running Mac OS X version 10.3 (Panther) or version 10.2.4 (Jaguar). Other systems will not work.

The Apache HTTP server must be installed and running. You'll need version 1.3 or 2.0 to run FogBugz. To check whether Apache is installed, launch System Preferences, and click Sharing. There should be a check mark next to "Personal Web Server." Alternatively, you can just point a browser at your own server. For example, try loading http://localhost in Safari or Internet Explorer. To check the version of Apache, try to download a page that doesn't exist, which will display an error message containing the version of Apache. For example, type lynx http://localhost/xxxx.

You'll also need the PHP command-line interpreter, version 4.2.2 or later (but not PHP 5.0, which is not supported), which you can download from features.commandline.php. This is a version of the PHP scripting language that runs from the command line. The xml, imap, and mysql extensions must be compiled in PHP.

Apple Technologies Explained

Apple Technologies Explained

What is So Great About Apples Design Concepts? There is always a reason why consumers are drawn to a particular brand of product. Apple has the record for drawing people in, and not just Americans, why? Ease of use, thats why.

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