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1.0: 9/1/2005


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Service Monitor


1.0 beta July 5


Opened bv Robert Evers 7/8/2005 3:10 PM

From Service Monitor http: / / shooflv. larkgroup. larkfarm. com/FogBUGZ/default. asp?pq=pgDiscussThread&ixDiscussTopicParent=3&ixDiscussGroup=1&

I installed the July 5 beta version on my Windows 2000 server and set it up to monitor for all events from the W32Time source but I never get any mail back from it even though I checked the event log and there are lots of events there that it should have caught. I don;t think this product is quite ready for testing yet. Too bad because I really want to use it, let me know when there is a new version.

Assigned to Valerie Shriver by Robert Evers 7/8/2005 3:10 PM

Assigned to Paige Naqel by Valerie Shriver 7/8/2005 5:21 PM

Paige,can you check to make sure there's not something special about W32Time that woulc cause us to fail? Resolved (Not Reproducible) by Paige Naqel 7/9/2005 10:15 AM

Tested fine, both with the July 5 beta and the current build. Reactivated (assigned to Robert Evers) by Robert Evers 7/9/2005 1:27 PM Assigned to Paige Nagel by Robert Evers 7/9/2005 2:40 PM

Customer is using a HotMail account - could their spam filters be catching our automnated mails? Resolved (Fixed) by Paige Nagel 7/10/2005 3:45 PM

That was it - good catch. I've changed the format of notification messages so that Hotmail doesn't think they're spam. Assigned to Robert Evers by Robert Evers 7/10/2005 7:43 PM Closed by Robert Evers 7/10/2005 7:43 PM

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