Attaching Files

When you're editing any case in FogBugz, you'll find an Attach a File control directly under the active Notes area. You can type in the name of a file here, or use the Browse button next to it to locate a file on your hard drive. When you click OK to save your edits, FogBugz will also upload the file and store it with the case. If you browse to a case that includes an attached file, you'll see a paper clip icon and the file name. If the file is recognized as an image type, such as .jpg or .gif, it will be shown as part of the case. Click either the icon or the file name to open the file. Attachments are useful for a number of purposes:

• To collect configuration files specific to a particular test machine

• To store log files of the actions leading up to a case

• To hold output files that show a problem

■Caution If you allow public access to your FogBugz site, you need to exercise caution in clicking links to attached files. FogBugz will do its best to protect you from dangerous file extensions (such as .exe, .scr, and .pif) by adding .safe to the end of the file name. If you click one of these files, your browser will prompt you to save the file instead of immediately executing it.

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